Bean validation

Learn how to use bean validation with frontiers

Bean validation

Bean validation is a validation API based in annotations, specified as the JSR 303.
You can read more about it here.

Hi-Framework considers the use of bean validation on frontier methods arguments, as the following example shows:

    public class Example{
        //This frontier method uses bean validation
        public boolean doMagic(@Email @NotNull String email, @Min(1) int age){
            //some magic happens in here

There is nothing special about the use of bean validation on frontier methods, except the way you handle validation errors back on frontier calls.

Handling bean validation errors on frontiers calls

Let us show you how to handle bean validation errors that occur on frontier calls:

        //Handle success here
         if(typeof err == "object"){
             var exceptionType = err.type; //Exception's class name 
             var details = err.details; //Exception JSON object    
             if(exceptionType == "ConstraintViolationException"){
                 var messages = details.messages;//The error messages array
                 //do whatever you want with them
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