Directories structure

Hi-Framework is not concerned about how you manage your java source files. It is only concerned about the internal structure of the webapp directory.

webapp directory

 |-- webapp
        |-- WEB-INF
            |-- hi.xml
        |-- webroot
        |-- views
        |-- template-name.html
        |-- template-name.js

If you are familiar with JavaEE web applications you might have noticed that Hi-framework does not change the structure, it just adds a few directories and a configuration file into the WEB-INF directory.

Lets now understand the purpose of each file/directory.


This is the framework configuration file. Your application is configured here.


This is the assets home. This directory holds scripts, stylesheets, images and all the files that should be publicly accessible.


This is where the MVC view files live.


Both files template-name.js and template-name.html define a template on top of which, views will be displayed.

You are completely free to add your own directories and files according to your needs, as long as the directory structure demanded by the framework remains in place.

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