Creating the template

Let's now create the template of your first app

Template definition

Template is what surrounds your views. The views are displayed within templates.
Take a look at the following image and it will all be clear.

Template definition image

Each template is composed by two files: HTML and JavaScript, same as views.

For now, lets focus on creating our default template. The name of the template we are going to create is index, that's because Hi recognises index as the default template.

Hi-Framework allows you to have more than one template and switch between them as you need.

The html file of a template is responsible for loading every single script, image, stylesheet or any other asset the application depends on.

Views should not include scripts or stylesheets.

The template files should be placed inside the webapp directory, being immediate children of it. Lets see how our webapp directory looks like, after creating the index template files:

 |-- webapp
        |-- WEB-INF
            |-- hi.xml
        |-- webroot
        |-- views
        |-- index.html 
        |-- index.js 

Let's see how these files are composed.


This is the HTML file of our default template. This file must:

  • Include jquery script (greater or equal to 1.10 )
  • Include The hi-framework script
  • Define the place where views should be rendered.

The code block below will show you how to do it:

        <!--The jquery script-->
        <script src=""></script>
        <!--The Hi-framework script-->    
        <script src="hi-es5.js"></script>   
        <!--The views will placed inside this div-->
        <div id="view_content">{{view_content}}</div>


The jquery script should always be included before the Hi-Framework script and they should both be placed as children of the head element.

Feel free to add your own scrips, stylesheets and anything else you want. This a normal HTML file. Make sure you place your assets (scripts, stylesheets, images) under the webroot directory. The internal structure of the webroot directory is on you. Create as many folders and files as you need. If you are going to download the jquery to your application, you should store it under the webroot directory, in a subdirectory of your own choice. For example:

 |-- webapp
        |-- WEB-INF
            |-- hi.xml
        |-- webroot
            |-- js
                |-- jquery-3.0.0.min.js
        |-- views
        |-- index.html
        |-- index.js

You would then have to change the jquery script path in your index.html file to:

<script src="webroot/js/jquery-3.0.0.min.js"></script>

You can load any asset in your template. Just make sure you put the right path, always starting with webroot and following the directories structure.


This file is designated template controller. Lets not get into too much details about this now. What matters most at this step is the content of the file, which is:


    //Empty body for now 

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